• Warning: Spoilers
    Stunning manipulative giallo about a slimy, greedy womanizing husband, Giorgio Mainardi(George Hilton, dashing even when portraying a loathsome jerk)stuck in a marriage of convenience with a wife whose father is a wealthy industrialist, catches a sociopath(Antone Saint-John)disposing of a body in a creek. He wishes for the killer to murder his wife, setting it up as a kidnapping gone awry. The Killer will be paid 20 grand for this duty, but it's pretty much blackmail with him doing dirty deed or else. While Giorgio is out at a party of gathering rich, the killer strangles her placing the body in the trunk of his black Mercedes. But, what the killer doesn't expect is a young couple, Luca(Alessio Orano)and Laura(the always lovely and wonderful Cristina Galbó who exudes a virginal innocence)driving off in his car when he was inside the murdered wife's pad cleaning up any evidence of his ever being there. Joyriding to a beach-front many miles ahead, Luca and Laura have no idea that the very car they've stolen in the property of a psychopath with a corpse in the trunk. Giorgio and the killer's perfect murder scheme has yielded an unexpected problem. In hot pursuit of the couple, the killer will soon catch up with them as Luca and Laura find an abandoned villa to crash in for rest and relaxation. Meanwhile, an Inspector(Eduardo Fajardo), who clearly suspects Giorgio in assistance of his wife's disappearance, tries to find out how much he is actually involved while pretending to console him.

    The film's macabre premise is quite a doozy. You have a poor couple who committed a poor act of judgment, paying the ultimate price when the killer finds them. The film plays off the angle of the "dead body in the trunk" where it is almost discovered numerous times. The killer is portrayed by the rodent-like Saint-John as well-tempered, quietly homicidal, and confident. We know what the killer is capable of doing in the first scene and when he kills Giorgio's wife..so when he traps poor innocent Laura all alone with nowhere to run as Luca is off fetching her some grub(..well, actually, he's having cheap sex with a blond floozy, whose car was broken down on the side of the road, he picked up)so it's obvious we fear for her safety and well-being. Through Saint-John, the killer's sadistic nature is calmly presented, yet we see the monster underneath as he skulks with slow foreboding steps towards possible victims. We see how inhuman the killer can be..and just how evil he can become..when he knife-attacks a dumb blond Luca picks up on the side of the road(she saw Giorgio's wife's corpse in the trunk as the killer walked up to his Mercedes). The confidence he has is apparent in how he doesn't rave about when Giorgio proposes he assist in murdering for him or else face the consequences..he has gotten away with murder before, why shouldn't he get away this time? The most painful sequence comes when the killer rapes Laura as the director juxtaposes her agony(lots of close-ups into Galbó's tormented eyes as mascara runs down with tears of horror)with Luca's pleasurable sexual encounter with the blond.