• this is definitely the worst of the series. Or better this is the worst horror movie ever. It really sucks a lot..

    Director Takashi Miike, as always, did a great job with the first one (one missed call): awesome plot, awesome feeling, scary moments and nice ending.

    Director Renpei Tsukamoto made a good job with the second episode(one missed call 2).. it was nothing very good, but still watchable.

    Director Manabu Asou, the one of this final episode, should be ashamed of throwing mud on this series. Really, the only one worth the "death call" is him. It's uncommentable how this movie sucks...there are so many things put with no sense..for example: mimiko (from one missed call 2) has a role, but none knows the film it's said that MIMIKO died abused...WTF it's not mimiko who died, but mimiko was abusing her sister! Let's pass on the scene in which all Korean internet population is sending messages of support to...mmm asuka or mimiko PC in order to stop it from sending death messages...that's the worst part of the film indeed. Well. The only reason you should see this movie is that THIS MOVIE REALLY SUCKS and you probably won't see sucking movie like this for years.