• It's difficult to determine exactly what is going on in the minds of the people who made this movie. Anyway, it starts out as a crime drama; a murder is committed, apparently witnessed by a woman who gets away. Soon, there is an avalanche, causing massive destruction that completed disappears in a couple of seconds. I took the avalanche as a inside joke; you see, this film goes nowhere but downhill. Or, it might be meant to foreshadow the end.

    Victor Mature (he's Matt) and Vincent Price (he's Paul) compete to see who gets the girl -- when they're not competing to see who gives the worst performance. Piper Laurie is the blonde witness. There are Indians involved. When they all go after each other at the end, the background is entertaining to watch (snowy Montana mountains).

    ** Dangerous Mission (1954) Louis King ~ Victor Mature, Vincent Price, Piper Laurie