• I will start out by saying that I loved Mean Girls. It was spicy, smart, but not overcooked. It worked a miracle by carefully walking the line between tweeny fun and adult raunch. That film gets a 7+ from me.

    Fast forward to John Tucker. What can I say. It is a brainless wreck, that's what I can say. It is completely devoid of anything resembling smart. The four girls that fight for Tucker are completely drones and do not show any signs of being "characters" in any sense of the word. The only one I even halfway enjoyed was Bush as Beth. I give her an once of credit, but most of that results from being placed in funny situations. The other 3 are just terrible. Ashanti was just grating, wooden, and the total opposite of the sassy cheerleader she is trying to portray. Instead, she comes off as a total stereotype - the head cheerleader who wants the head player - yuck. Why do movie-makers have the idea that cheerleaders are brainless? Our 4.0 student was a cheerleader 2 years in a row!!! Anyway, terrible.

    Britney Snow should hang her head in shame. Her voice comes off so annoying! I cannot think straight. Anyway, the movie does not even have an ending. One minute you are in the middle of drama and next the movie is over! Horrible editing.

    Despite all of this, the worst thing about this movie is how irresponsible it is. Everybody wants to screw john tucker and nobody seems to have a problem with that! In fact, all the main character, except Snow, admit to sex with him. Maybe movies do not have a responsibility to teach good morals, but they knew this movie has aimed at 12-15 year olds with jesse's big guns etc. blah. The final word is that this movie is not that funny and totally too lighthearted in its presentation of the girls as total... well you know.