• Warning: Spoilers
    This show was definitely made for Tahj Mowry. He changes over the course of the show, from the cute little kid to a maturing, independent minded teenager. In most of the other movies he's in, he enjoys playing a smart kid, which in my opinion just demeans him.

    My favorite character in the movie, however, was Mo (Omar Gooding, Cuba Gooding, Jr.'s younger brother). In most of the episodes he plays a lazy, not so bright kid; in a few episodes they turn him around and make him a very respectable character. I think he was a terrific actor and played his part convincingly.

    Coach Gerber (Dann Florek, who played Captain Cragen in Law and Order) was my second favorite. Throughout the series (he was only in 4 episodes, to my surprise), he plays an incompetent coach who is continuously stressed by his recent divorce.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this series, and rank it in my top 3 favorites (along with the early episodes of Boy Meets World and the 1994 Spiderman cartoons). The only downsides I experienced are listed below, though be warned that they mention specific episodes and plots.

    **episode spoilers** In the colonel bubble episode, TJ mentions that he was offered a position for 200k a year, then Floyd (John Marshall Jones) says "did you get his card?" and TJ replies "You didn't raise no idiot" or something to that effect. I was expecting Marcus (Jason Weaver), Floyd's other son, to walk in at that moment saying something stupid, and then have TJ say "Well....maybe just one". However, the lines never came, and that made me sad. But that's OK.

    The only other downside to this series was the heavy liberal bias that several of the shows revolved around. One episode focuses on how women deserve 100% equal treatment relative to men. One episode shows a white manager discriminating against black customers by following them around everywhere (which only an idiot would do). One episode shows how evil corporations exploit little children (previously mentioned colonel bubble). Another episode portrays a debate TV show where the conservatives are idiots and the liberals are the heroes. Another episode revolves around the famed sit ins, and feature the kids performing one in order to win their suppressed freedom of off-campus lunch in high school. I could keep going on, but the you get the idea.

    **end episode spoilers**