• Warning: Spoilers
    'Ice', although sometimes falling into silly action flick clichés, often surprised me and left me feeling that behind all the petty arguments and pointless bullet-fests was some real in-depth insight and intelligence often neglected by such films. Nonetheless, Ice serves the post-apocalyptic genre well, at least on a character-driven front. During the first act of the movie I found myself often wondering where all the people had gone to, what the government was doing, how all this really came to be and everything else large in scope. However as the film continued I realised Ice wasn't a film made to chronicle how mankind as an entire unit would survive such a natural disaster. Ice wants to show how it could affect people individually and how it would make us question our once so importantly and seriously taken tasks. Tasks that we carry out each day which are so often miles away from what we would need to carry out our most basic instinct which is to survive. It is scenes usually -sometimes too often- built around the burning of possessions in order to heat the group that tackles these themes and helps redeem the film on an intellectual level.

    From a technical standpoint, Ice was clearly under-produced- ridden with few good (although the majority were decent) performances from the cast, mediocre effects (although some did impress me), and an overall quality that screamed TV-Movie! Nevertheless, it's the script and the sometimes effective direction that saves Ice from being crushed under such problems. Ice was going to get an 8 from me, right up until the last 5 minutes. Sadly however, the ending let the film down: as was a problem at a few important moments, the story was too neglectful of the bigger picture, lacking scope and perspective and so the eventual climax to the film seemed underwhelming. Overall however, the film surprisingly entertained me throughout and was a lot better than I had anticipated.