• Warning: Spoilers
    Tarantino Is the One Who Is the Whole Movie Himself.

    Actually I saw this movie just because of Tarantino. Even though James Belushi was tops too, the movie is a mediocre piece of work: trivial plot line, standard dialogues and so-so acting.

    If you ever thought of getting into the Emperor's (Tarantino) soul, you can find the portal right here in this movie. There was the shot that covered all costs of getting this film, the shot where Tarantino goes still for a moment, and that very moment the whole different Universe opens in his eyes. That moment lasts less than a second, but you can catch it. It's right in the end, when at the restaurant Johnny, the cops, and everyone is watching the girl's show, after the cop says: "Hey look, it's that guy…", then there is a shot of Johnny (Tarantino), and first milliseconds of that shot is actually the portal.

    I would say that he is a male Giaconda there, but not as twisted and troubled as she is. She is an oppressed strong woman, with unbelievable personal magnetism, Leonardo succeeded in transmitting her energy of a fighter in the portrait, since then she is fighting with everyone who looks at her. It's possible to defeat her, but it is easy to be defeated. Tarantino possesses the same, if not more powerful, personal magnetism and it is clearly seen in that shot. His eyes are open, undisguised there (this kind of unmasking can take place only when one is too tired to be able to hold his mask, - after Pulp Fiction he really was tired and "Destiny…" was just in time to "catch up" his real unmasked self), and you can really see how deep, deeper than the blue, they are. So much depth, power and knowledge reflected in them, that you almost think you are looking into the Infinity itself.

    Well, just for the sake of that shot I take the DVD again and again, every time I want to dive into the Soul Ocean of the most devout movie worshipper ever existent on the planet Earth.