• I am happy to report that Spanish-born actress Cristina Galbo is now a very solid 3 for 3 with me. She was excellent as the doomed student in the 1971 giallo "What Have You Done To Solange?" and ever so appealing in the 1974 zombie gut-muncher "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie." And now, here she is again in "The Killer Must Kill Again," giving another fine performance in this 1975 Italian suspense thriller. This film tells a simple story, really. A husband (played by hunky giallo regular George Hilton) hires a homicidal maniac to do away with his wife. The deed accomplished, the killer (played by the creepy-looking Michel Antoine) stuffs the body into the trunk of his car, only to have it stolen by a pair of teenaged joyriders (one of whom is our Cristina). This, of course, sends the dumbfounded madman off in hot pursuit.... Anyway, although this picture offers no real surprises (unlike most gialli, we already know the killer's identity, as well as his motivations), there is a great deal of suspense generated somehow, as we suspect that when Antoine eventually does catch up with Galbo and her beau, the spam really will hit the fan. And it does indeed, in spades! The film features competent but fairly undistinguished direction by Luigi Cozzi (flashy only in a couple of sex/rape scenes) and ominous music by Nando de Luca. It is a very straightforward little film, actually, that gives the viewer precisely what is expected. Even Hilton's fate is kind of foreseeable. Still, I did enjoy watching the film go through its paces, and Cristina Galbo's exquisite presence makes it go down all the easier. I think I'm ready now to sign up for her modern-day flamenco classes in California!