• Rated R for Strong Language and Sexual Content.

    Hot Bubblegum is the third entry in the Isreali Lemon Popsicle series.There are nine films in the entire series.I have seen the first three because they are on youtube.Part of the fourth film is on youtube and the whole film should be up soon.Anyway Hot Bubblegum is not as good as Lemon Popsicle 1 or 2(which was the best one), but it is still a funny 1980's teen sex comedy with a good mix of drama and romance in it.My only problem with this film is Bobby and Benji are always friends even after the events of the first and second film.In those, they always fight and never become friends again, yet in the next sequel, they are best friends as if nothing has happened.Also Nicki from the first film(played by a different actress) returns.Benji and her date and talk as if none of the events of the first film happened.Also in the first film, she seemed like a nice girl, yet in this one she's a b**ch! The film has basically the same story, three friends in the 50's or early 60's keeping up with exams,girlfriends and all the other things that teens go through in high school.If you like teen comedies, then check out the lemon popsicle series.