• Saw The Nightmare Before Christmas a couple of days ago with a friend who was a little down in the dumps. Neither of us had seen this before so it was a pleasant surprise for both of us as we put on our 3-D glasses to watch Tim Burton's classic stop-motion animated film. Technically, Burton didn't direct this since he was busy making Batman Returns at the time but even with Henry Selick listed as director you can see Tim's hand-prints in every frame. With a voice cast that includes Paul Reubens (as Lock), Catherine O'Hara (as heroine Sally and Shock), William Hickey (as Dr. Finkelstein), Chris Sarandon (as leading character Jack Skellington), Ken Page (as the scene stealing Ooogie Boogie), and Danny Elfman, who's also composer of the movie's songs (as the singing voice of Skellington, Barrel, and the Clown with the Tear away Face), this is one of the most humorously spooky movies I've ever seen. What Jack does to Christmas, you have to see to believe! While the 3-D was impressive in the beginning, I forgot about it after a while and just let the story and music entertain me. My favorite part concerned the Halloweentown band trying to do their version of "Here Comes Santa Claus" which ends up sounding pretty somber! So for anyone interested in Burton's version of a Holloween/Christmas hybrid, The Nightmare Before Christmas may be for you!