• Warning: Spoilers
    Naked Encounters (2005): Monique Alexander, Rafe Urquhart, Randy Spears, Kristen Price, Lee Stone, Eddie Jay, Jodie Moore, Cytherea, David Switzer....Director Chance Levore...Screenplay April White, Edward Gorsuch.

    In this film, two private investigators, Sherri (Monique Alexander) and Cole (Rafe Urquhart) become immersed in a case involving a fashion model (Kristen Price) and her wild and wicked ways, which eventually lead to murder. A client, Dominic(Randy Spears) wishes to date the model so he hires the P.I.'s to investigate her life, habits and sexual tastes. There is a very erotic love scene, and in her bedroom, between Randy Spears and Kristen Price and what's so good about it is the fact it's not wild and it's old fashioned - on a bed. But then again, this same model engages in a lusty affair with a bodybuilder and male model (played by the hunky stallion Lee Stone) on a leather coach and it's not missionary!) Upon further investigation, they discover that this model can be a dangerous woman. A la Basic Instinct, she murders her lover and moves on to a new affair and she seems careless about the partner being male or female. In a lesbian scene with black porn star Cytherea the two are going at it in an office while being taped. It's steamy for some but pretty tame lesbian stuff for others. I happen to think it was good. The rest of the film involves the P.I.'s closing in on her and becoming a lot closer themselves. The final love scene - Rafe Urquhart and Monique Alexander is quite lovely. Now, like with "Passion Lane" the premise is good and some of the writing is good but there are times when you feel that this movie could have been better. The fact of the matter is that these late night soft-core films are produced on a budget and so one can't expect to see a high quality film. But if this is your thing, soft-core films with a semblance of a plot, then go ahead and look for this film. It is pretty bland stuff ultimately because there is never any real danger or "thriller" material which could have easily been added to it, but it's very titillating as it is too. This is an MRG production and they're connected with the Playboy Channel so if you've seen other films produced by them then this should interest you. It's probably better appreciated by women who enjoy soft-core porn with heavy plot and characters. It's also nice to watch these "Skinemax" actors who specialize in this kind of stuff and are regular on various half-hour erotic series on late night Cinemax.