• Warning: Spoilers
    Spoiler, don't read this if you're committed to seeing this movie.

    The story seemed OK and then it just bleed to death slowly. I've never seen an instant vampire and in this movie, maybe this was for the microwave generation, Kaleb was a vampire in 1 hour or less. At the end of the movie I was wondering what the heck the movie was about and struggling to make sense of the story. There were several great actors (Tim Thomerson, Lance Henrickson, and Bill Paxton); however, I don't think they had a chance to give this movie the nitrous boost it so desperately needed. I'm used to watching movies for college classes and then I would write comments and papers for my college classes. This movie started out OK, picked up tempo and then just went down hill.

    This was my take on the movie: A nice cowboy (Kaleb) meets an intriguing country girl (Maggie). She bites him a little and he's instantly a vampire (he begins smoking as the sun comes up within an hour).

    Maggie's vampire group/family pulls him into their RV and they drive off. Kaleb's father, played by Tim Thomerson (the reason I watched the movie), sees his son being abducted as does Kaleb's sister Sarah.

    Kaleb is taken on a road trip. He cannot kill. Maggie feeds him. The group threatens to kill him unless he kills someone.

    Kaleb's father and sister find him.

    Kaleb goes home, his father gives him a transfusion and he's healed. Maggie comes to Kaleb's home. The vampire group takes his sister.

    The group dies. Maggie gets a transfusion and she's healed.