• Warning: Spoilers
    I've been a Terence Hill fan since I remember. I grew up with his movies, and I'm especially fond of "They Call Me Trinity". So I was really excited and surprised when my dad called me and said "Hey, some Terence Hill movie is just starting on the TV!". The Bulgarian translation was "Самотният пастир" (in English "The Lonesome Shepard"). Terence Hill is Rocco Ventura, the lonesome shepard from the title, who lives isolated life in a distant Italian village. Years ago his wife and child are killed in a horrible accident and since then Rocco lives alone in the mountains. Now he makes his living producing cheese from goat and sheep milk according to the old recipes and ancient traditions. one day Rocco befriends a little kid which reminds him of his son, and he also cares for his mother - Guilia. But new troubles start when the corrupted village major and a greedy businessman want to buy the lands of the farmers and build some fancy hotel and tourist attractions. Not only that but Ricco's licence for producing and selling cheese is taken away, because of some bacteria poisoning of his milk products. Giulia's son falls ill and Rocco blames himself. He doesn't know that actually Giulia's husband is part of the plot of the businessmen and the major to ruin his farm and buy the land of the people for their purposes. Giulia finds out and tries to help Ricco, her son's best friend. The boy is heartbroken when he finds out that his father is part of the plot against Ricco. Little by little the boy's father sees his mistakes and tries to redeem himself and win back his family. But will be that enough? And will they succeed in time so Ricco can get back his land and his herd? And will he manage to make the rest of the village see through the plot of the major? I enjoyed every minute of this heartwarming family drama adventure. After all these years Terence Hill is still a star, and all the supporting actors around him also give a powerful performance. And no matter if you are a Terence Hill fan or not, this movie is a nice way to spend your evening - a pleasure for the whole family.