• I was skeptical about this movie because of my experience with this companies other hit anime, Naruto, and the horrible movies they have put out. However, Bleach: Memories of Nobody fortunately breaks free of the pitfalls it's brother seems to. Bringing with it the characters you know and love it throws in a great story introducing new elements to the Shinigami (soul reaper for those English dubbers) realm, and creating a new character you can't help but like from the beginning. Granted, the enemies are a bit stale, and for the first 3/4 of the movie I was awaiting the revelation of perhaps some misguided ideal just to find out that nope, sorry, it's just as we said. I was just looking for something a bit deeper I guess, but Bleach hasn't really been about deep, just entertaining.

    Anyways, it's a great movie, voice acting and story are wonderful, fight scenes seemed a bit lackluster to me (movie seemed more character oriented, which I actually like), and it wasn't until the end that you actually understand the name of the movie. Or maybe I'm just slow.

    Anyways, good film! Definitely see it if you even just passively watch Bleach, it's a good movie for a rainy day, but people who haven't seen it before will probably be a bit lost.