• While not dreadful Beautiful Dreamer is so clichéd and just predicable that it fails on every front.

    A simple tale of childhood love, that grew up, and get married. He then goes off to the Second World War and loses his memory (or has dissociative personality disorder) anyhoo he does not remember his previous life. When his wife's car breaks down and finds him in a small town, and he cannot remember her, there follows the inevitable tale of discovery and love reborn.

    We normally love romantic movies but this is too simple to really shine. The camera and lighting are all pretty basic and it all looks and feels like to belongs instantly on Hallmark.

    I cannot recommend this: it is just to saccharine, and the script lacks any depth of its complicated topic - all in all it felt barely OK, and barely romantic: just too predictable, linear, and made for TV values to shine.

    Sorry...not one for the heart or brain...