• Warning: Spoilers
    WHO KILLED WHO? is one of the the funniest,cleverest and fastest cartoons produced in Hollywood's golden era,by arguably it's most crazily inventive animator,Tex Avery.The story itself is clichéd,a parody of "Old Dark House" melodramas,but the ever brilliant Avery manages to cram in scores of hilarious,often outrageously funny gags every 20 seconds or so,with only a very small number not quite coming off.Most of the jokes,however,succeed outstandingly,and linger in the viewer's memory long afterwards.Avery was justly celebrated for his bizarrely warped,delightfully surrealistic flights of fancy in many of his subjects,which proved to any doubters that the visual possibilities in animation were infinite.In his greatest cartoons,he perhaps produced some of the most extraordinary imagery ever witnessed on film.Just because they were often just 7-8 minutes long,they should not be dismissed as mere filler material.This is a grievous disservice;WHO KILLED WHO? maybe the best out of many outstanding examples of the uniquely distorted genius that was Tex Avery.

    RATING:9 out of 10.