• This film is ,to my knowledge ,the only one where Arletty plays her own part.When I met Gilles Grangier in the early nineties,shortly before his death (and her death ;Arletty died in 1992),I talked with him for a short time,and instead of his thriller "Train d'Enfer"(1966) ,I should have asked him his thoughts about my favorite French actress.

    A mother (Mireille Perrey)tries to make her offspring's fiancée jealous:she claims he is Arletty's lover.

    Both Arletty (then 54) and mainly François Périer (31) cast a retarded youngster are too old for their parts ,but there is a special chemistry between them which makes the movie palatable and even enjoyable.Do not forget that Perier and Arletty had met in "Hotel du Nord" Carné's classic 14 years before!

    Josette Day, famous for her part in "la Belle et la Bete", is also cast as herself.