• Warning: Spoilers
    Gangster, geezer, Brit flicks have become some what of a tradition, in fact there's probably enough for a whole genre or at least a shelf in HMV.

    So when a friend of mine invited me to a preview screening of CLUBBED I was expecting it to have the same credentials, but scratch beneath the surface and here is a film with a heart all the way through it like a stick of Blackpool rock. It is an absolute gem!

    A depressed and downtrodden father already separated and scraping a living is beaten up in front of his kids. This incident spurs him on to confront his fears and he meets the guru of the piece Louis at a down at heel boxing gym who teaches him to stand his ground and not take any crap. The guys are all doormen at a local night club and Danny (our hero) soon becomes part of the gang and ready to do his stint on the door with resultant beatings and bloodstains. That's when things get really nasty...

    With stunning performances from a great home grown British cast (the guy who plays Sparky in particular really stands out) and an old school 70's and '80s soundtrack, make this is a stand out Brit flick which should be massive.