• Another film of André Cayatte's first period,before he became the (talented and ahead of his time,considering the amount of movies-including-a-trial)lawyer who fought against any good cause going from child abuse to miscarriages of justice ,from euthanasia to death penalty.The first period is mainly made of adaptations of famous novels from the nineteenth century.

    Like "Pierre et Jean " ,Balzac's "La Fausse Maitresse" was transposed to the forties but it is not as successful as the Maupassant story.The rugby circle was perhaps not a very good choice in the first place;besides Cayatte is not at ease in the comedy style (or should I say the Theatre de Boulevard which was Guitry's forte?)and Danielle Darrieux carries all the movie on her shoulders.Without her ,the movie would be almost worthless.But here,she is and every scene she is not in is dull and boring.But when she is at her best ,for instance in the trailer ,where she tells the gallant she knows the score or in his so-called's lover's apartment where she makes funny gaffes ,everywhere she steals the show (sometimes there is nothing to steal,unfortunately).

    The only scene worth the price of admission is Darrieux doing strip acrobatics ,while the young (and not so young) males salivate like Pavlov's dogs looking at her through binoculars.