• You have to grade on a curve with movies like this. At least a little bit. I'm sorry, this is not a mainstream Hollywood picture. This is an independent, low budget piece of fare for the Drive-Ins of 1959.

    Nothing on offer here but pure entertainment. At least, that is what the intent of the filmmakers is, in spite of some heavy-handed attempts to throw in an anti-nuclear message. But that seems no more than an afterthought, and not the main point. So, the question is, was I entertained by this movie?

    Yes. I sure was. It is certainly not a science fiction masterpiece. This is a fun, low-budget action potboiler which uses a science fiction gimmick to sell the movie. The acting is a bit over-the-top, but not inappropriately so. Ulmer is one of my favorite cult directors and he does workmanlike duty with what must have been very limited resources. One of the more enjoyable '50's Drive-In movie leftovers, and its 59 minutes (making it a TRUE B-movie, by the way) will fly by. Silly but enjoyable. If you must take your science fiction seriously, then stay away.