• Normally, Cate Blanchett leaves me thoroughly stunned with her amazing acting talent. Every movie she's played in I've enjoyed to watch. However, this was the exception.

    As Elizabeth, Blanchett tries unsuccessfully to portray a pensive, religious, and strong-willed woman. However, the I've-just-seen-something-I-strongly-disprove-of look she has throughout the film just didn't cut it for me. That, and the mysterious persona she conveys makes her look more like she's craving attention then trying to withstand from it. Also, all of the extra female characters looked the same, which got incredibly confusing. The men did, as well: each had brown eyes, brown hair, and brown stubble.

    I'll admit the costume design, for which the film won the Oscar, was thorough and beautiful...on the women. However, men strutting around in pantaloons made me laugh each and every time.

    Overall, I though Blanchett could've done way better. 3 out of 10.