• A sadly disappointing giallo. The film began promisingly enough as it seemed to be playing out as a "comedy of errors" (or rather, a "thriller" of errors) as a creepy killer is paid by a man to murder his wife. The killing is easy enough, but getting...(read more) rid of the body proves difficult.

    Despite an interesting premise that's brimming with promise, the film is unable to fulfill it as it screeches to a halt around the thirty minute mark. From this point on, the plot focuses upon the pointless meanderings of a couple who essentially do nothing but make love and argue.

    The viewer hopes for the plot to get better once the killer confronts them, but it ends up only getting worse as we witness a brutally graphic rape and a pornographic sex scene, both of which add absolutely nothing to the proceedings. In addition, the characters perpetually make illogical and irrational choices that irritate the viewer, resulting in a film that starts off strong yet ends up being rather pointless exploitative trash.

    Skip it.