• I think the above reviewer saw a different movie; literally. Their review has nothing to do with the short film (approximately 20 minutes) 'Bliss' that I saw on IFC.

    This is a brilliant little film about a twenty-something young man, Henry, who gets invited to a huge Friday night bash at a stranger's house. He meets up with a friend there, but his friend is on the prowl and soon becomes preoccupied and forgets all about Henry. Stranded with no one he knows left to talk with, Henry feels very disconnected from the goings on. He proceeds to get drunk, and jumps into the pool, where he resides on the bottom for a minute. The pool apparently sobers him somewhat, and he goes to the kitchen to wring the water from his clothes, where he meets a cute girl who is at the party only because she's the designated driver for her girlfriend, who she lost track of hours earlier. She feels just as disconnected from the party as Henry, and they begin small talk. As she leaves, Henry asks for her phone number.

    As for the rest of the film: Well, I'm not gonna spoil it, but the best part is the last few minutes. You'll just have to hope that IFC runs it again. And don't miss it when they do. The story line is only so-so, but it's so well told, it's an exceptional viewing experience.