• Too Young To Die is an above average television movie starring Brad Pitt, Juliette Lewis as a pair of young killers and Michael Tucker as the lawyer for Lewis. Tucker is desperately trying to keep her out of the gas chamber and the film is mostly in flashback as she tells her story.

    The film really does belong to Juliette Lewis in a stunning portrayal of a pathetic life. She's 14, repeatedly raped by her stepfather, abandoned by her mother and living on the streets until she meets street hustler Brad Pitt.

    Later on she develops a relationship with an army sergeant, Michael O'Keefe who has two small children. When their relationship is discovered by the army, Lewis is forced to go back to Pitt. She's full of hate for the world now and acts accordingly.

    Michael Tucker who was playing lawyer Stuart Markowitz on L.A. Law at the time gets to play another attorney. He wants to help her, but Lewis is too dumb to get out of her own way.

    Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis got good notices for Too Young To Die and later played the same kind of parts in the theatrical film, Kalifornia.

    I'm not a reflexive opponent of the death penalty, but applying to a minor and one like this seemed unjust. I think even some of the most hard hearted proponents of capital punishment would think twice about the state executing Lewis.

    Too Young To Die is a fine film showcasing the talents of up and coming stars Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis. See them in their salad days.