• This was a great classic film to view from 1933 and enjoyed the great acting ability of Marian Marsh, (Rose Abbott) who played the role as a very cute petite blonde gal who worked in a night club as a hat check girl. Rose while working in the night club met a socialite banker named Henry I. Judson, (Reginald Denny) who was very interested in her and even offered her boy friend a job as a chauffeur for himself. However, Henry has been embezzling funds from his bank and he is caught by his assistant, L.D. Waters, (Irving Pichel) who blackmails him into making a disappearing act which causes a great deal of trouble for Rose's boyfriend. The electric chair at Sing Sing Prison, Ossing, New York is the final solution to this strange outcome of justice and you will have to see this film to find out just what really happens. Great Classic film, enjoy.