• This could be the motto of the story of this excellent film. All those who know and like HK cinema style will watch it with great pleasure.

    Do not think too much about the meaning of the title - it is there because a film must have some title. When you see the film, you will forget about it for it has not much to do with what is happening :-).

    Dragon number 1 and the source of all complications - Jackie Chan. It's a lawyer who has obviously never imagined that you can simply do what you have to do. And if finally he fails it's precisely because he was manipulating too much. He has another two dragons to help him with this task (I mean losing the case). Dragon number 2 (following the order of appearance in the film) is Sammo Hung - not too scrupulous man selling illegally false guns. Dragon number 3 is Yuen Biao - a little bit crazy but sincere guy (too sincere to have such a cunning friend!). As usual his acting and acrobatic skills are simply amazing. As far as the smart lawyer is not smart enough to warn his aides that they are two working for the same case, they meet, of course, and successfully ruins each others plans and the whole Jackie's strategy. And all this does not mean that they are losers. Not at all! In fact they win... but not where they thought they would.

    I do not recommend you to eat or drink while watching this film, because it is full of funny episodes which come unexpectedly. It might be dangerous if you have your mouth full of food! I especially appreciate the funny fighting moments. I do not mean only fighting in a funny situation, but the fighting itself, its choreography. When you are told that three men are fighting, you probably think one against two? WRONG! Each of the three against the other two. I told you it's complicated.

    The most boring part is the final fight. In fact, it is excellent. Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao are demonstrating their wonderful skills (and their opponents are not worse) while Sammo Hung is looking half dead with his face painted in white. I say it's boring because there are so many films that end in the same way: general fighting - all bad guys vs all good guys, the good ones winning by miracle, for, in fact, the enemy was stronger.

    The film has also its lyric moment which make it so cute and human... and gives you some rest, for nobody can laugh without stopping during one hour and half!