• I went to see this tonight after a long brutal week at the job where all I wanted to do was go to the theater, grab a beer and watch a entertaining, light comedy.

    Being a HUGE fan of Leslie Nielson from the POLICE SQUAD series thru all the NAKED GUN episodes, I thought this would be a fun movie.

    It was a nightmare...

    The sight gags only elicited a few chuckles from those in attendance... since most of them were used before,in the NAKED GUN (i.e. a scene where Nielson lets go of a wheelchair and it and his owner go flying off a building ala O.J. Simpson in NAKED GUN I).

    The only interesting scenes were some pretty good impersonations of Barry Bonds, Tony Bennett, Tom Cruise and Dr. Hawkins.

    Normally if I don't like a film it's because it most likely is I may not be the target audience of the writers and producers...but the audience consisted of males and females from children to Sr. Citizens.....and I rarely heard anything even remotely close to a chuckle.

    The banter between husband (Nielson) and Marion Ross was uncomfortable at best...and in a way sad, seeing two people who have had stellar, award winning careers now wandering aimlessly in this poorly thought out and written flop.

    I recommend not just holding back and wait for it to hit DVD...but even skip the DVD release.

    Save your money and re-rent Naked Gun or better yet, the Police Squad series for truly spoof mastery.