• I'm going to be saying some of negatives and gripes I had with the movie, but just remember I still gave this a 6 because it was funny at times.

    I'm a big fan of flatulent comedy when done right. Blazing Saddles did it beautifully (and was the first movie ever to have an on screen fart). Superhero movie seems to very single-minded on this aspect: old people = farts. One of the fart scenes was a little funny at first, but then goes on way too long.

    This movie is called Superhero Movie yet is devoid of spoofs from most of them. It only spoofs three movies: mainly Spider-man, a little X-men, and a tiny bit of Batman Begins. Sadly, here the writer fell into the same mindset of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer who have almost destroyed the spoof genre with their atrocities Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Meet the Spartans. What made spoofs of old so good was when they spoofed a genre they didn't just look at the new hot commodities, they looked at all the films in that genre across the years. A more recent spoof who did it well was Not Another Teen Movie. It not only spoofed the new aged Freddy Prince Jr teen romance movies, but also went back to the John Hughes films of the 80's. I think this spoof would be more accessible to people outside of high school had he threw in some spoofs of the old Batman or Superman movies. Maybe even a little bit of a throwback to the Adam West Batman or Lou Ferrigno Hulk TV shows.

    My last gripe is about the main actor Drake Bell. He might work for little kids on Nickelodeon, but he doesn't for this movie. For the sake of brevity I'll just say that if you see this movie you'll know what I'm talking about.

    Those were some serious gripes, but it doesn't mean I didn't laugh. One scene in particular had me in stitches. The scene spoofed the Spider-man scene where Parker is late for dinner and is hiding from a searching Osborn on the ceiling of his room. I couldn't stop myself from laughing. I thought the scene was brilliant. Though some jokes do fall flat it is bound to happen when you spring a new joke every 15 to 30 seconds.