• Warning: Spoilers
    OK...the trailer gave me hope, the original trailer that is, that this movie would finally bring back those awesome jokes and gags from the great Airplane! and Naked Gun films, and it did, of course not as efficiently. This is a great great great start for all of us who want to see the great spoof movies make a comeback. There were some gags that went a little over the top, not to my surprise, but there were other gags that brought back memories of those classic movies. There was not so much pop culture as the other vomit-enducing movies like Meet the Spartans and other atrocities, but of course there was, but we cant blame them, there was pop culture references back in the Airplane movies as well. It put a smile on my face when i heard a good phrase in this movie: "Fruitcake?" "Oh no, i just haven't met the right woman". You have to be honest, that definitely brings back some hope that the producers are trying to bring it back. I say give it a try, I own all the great spoofs on DVD, i know my spoof movies, and i can guarantee that this movie is not as bad as others may say it is, and it totally makes Meet the Spartans and Epic movie look the garbage they are.