• Warning: Spoilers
    It has a great plot. But I just love the chemistry between the co-workers, and the crime mystery. But later on the couples really turn things around in the morgue. Sometimes in the show we get to know more about the characters. Like, we get to meet Lily's mom, and we get to know why Nigel and his dad don't talk anymore, why Bug doesn't belong, we get to meet Woody's younger brother, Jordan's older brother, Macey's ex-wife and daughter. We also get to know a little more about Jordan's mother's problems, and death. We get to see couples we thought would never happen and some we thought eventually will happen. Example: Nigel and Kate, who would've known that would happen. But it did. Bug and Lily, there's a big slap in the face. Everyone who watched Crossing Jordan for along time would've seen that coming. Woody and Jordan, DUH!