• Warning: Spoilers
    ***SPOILER ALERT*** With a number of London's top hoodlums knocked off it's become apparent that a new element of crime is sweeping the city. Young thugs barley out of their teens are being recruited by American drug kingpin Carl Frazer, Viggo Morterser,to enforce his now expanding crime empire.

    After having US government DEA agent John Harris, Harvey Keitel, sent to help the London Police and Scotland Yard in getting to the bottom of the crime wave things go from bad to worse. The two policemen Carver & Carnegie, Geoffrey McGivern & Dave Duffy, that are to work with Harris end up getting themselves killed. It turned that both cops were in the pay of the London underworld and, together with their fellow criminals, were offed by the young hoods working for Frazer.

    Looking for a hook, or inside man, to infiltrate Frazer's drug empire Harris together with his British police partner inspector Glen,Edward Foster, zero in on petty hoodlum Christain O'Nell, Craig Kelly. Chis has been going through a deep depression over the shooting of his friend Lionel Stevens, Nigel Clavzel, at the notorious Temple Nightclub run by homicidal psycho and Frazer front man Jack Doyle, Keith Allen. Lionel's grief stricken sister Rachael, Thandle Norton, who met Chris at the hospital where he brother was being treated soon fall in love with him. This makes Chris even more depressed in not keeping Rachael's brother Lionel away from Doyle, whom he was mouthing off to, who ended up shooting him.

    Keeping his mouth shut about who shot his friend Lionel , so he wouldn't get killed by members of Frazer's "youth squad", Chris' slight involvement, by his being friendly with with some of Frazer's young hoodlums, with the city's illegal drug trade has his father and old time London gangster Dermot, James Duggan, very upset. Dermot starts to make threats against Frazer in that if his son Chris ever ends up working for him he'll do a job on Frazer himself! Not realizing that Frazer means business Dermot's bullet riddled body ends up floating in the River Thames.

    Chris now having his best friend and father ending up victims, together with about two dozen London mobsters, of Frazer's reign of terror decides to go undercover, with a wire, to get the goods on Frazer & Co. for the London Police Department.

    A very subdued looking Harvey Keitel, probably suffering of jet lag, is mostly reduced to a supporting role to who's really the star of the movie young Carig Kelly. Kelly as the misguided and very confused Chris O'Neill has his eyes opened to just how destructive the American gangster Frazer is not only to him but his fellow Londoners in bringing drugs into the city. It soon turned out that Chris going undercover with a recording device wasn't exactly the best way to get Frazer caught with his guard down.

    Being as both slick and slippery as a eel Frazer didn't expose his real intentions knowing, even though he trusted Chris, the tactics that the police, at least back in the states, use to catch hoodlums like himself saying something that will put them behind bars. What struck me a bit odd about the very cautious Frazer was that he used his very base of operations, Doyle's Temple Nightclub, to have his sh*t, or drugs, delivered! This more then anything else that the police and DEA Agent Harris did, unsuccessfully, to catch him turned out to be Frazer's fatal flaw and lead to his, and his criminal youth movement, ultimate downfall.