• Warning: Spoilers
    This was my favourite out of the 3 , it was just like Final Destination so much, i loved it . This was so much better then others and a lot more Fun.

    The plot The third and last of the One Missed call series. As in previous films in the series, violent deaths at a school are presaged by mysterious calls to the victims' cell phones.

    Investigation leads the remaining classmates to accuse one of their number of intentionally directing the cursed messages to others' phones using her computer. In the third movie the victims can send the curse to an other person and be saved but then the one who gets it gets killed.

    This movie as some really good deaths scenes, like Final Destination movies, Some of these were Funny. i am talking about the Death in the lift, that such a Classic, as it so so bloody funny.

    This movie is not scary at all, not even a little bit but i found this more of a comedy. The acting was so much better in this one then second one. The Best out of 3 and i going to rate this movie 8/10