• Grand Theft Auto IV is almost to amazing to even put into words. The graphics on this game are astounding, astonishing, amazing, picturesque, and just good enough to blind you because you will be to stunned to realize how phenomenal they really are, and the whole game. The storyline is absolutely amazing. It had such a huge surprise and twist that I'm sure nobody saw coming.

    Not only this, but I think that Rockstar spent countless days and hours going over every, little, minuscule, tiny detail possible. Nothing in this game is unrealistic. I mean, I literally went looking for something I could complain about, and found nothing. The water, when looking at it from land, looks like real water. Seriously, when I saw the water I almost grabbed my bathing suit before I realized it was only video game.

    GTA IV also grips the viewer just like a dramatic Oscar award winning movie. The stress and relationships of characters in the cut scenes really make you believe that they are actually real people.

    I never thought I'd come to a point where I called a game "perfect", however, I am stating that right now: GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 IS COMPLETELY PERFECT AND FLAWLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!