• ...possibly due to a diet of putrefied garbage, - some of the criticisms of the film are precisely the things that make it so brilliant and engaging..particularly the soundtrack which is superbly understated, very cool in a minimalist electronic style and used only at very critical moments (something Hollywood, with its blustery,instructive , pompous and intrusive boring scores would do well to pay heed to.. it's time to revisit the way music was used minimally and more effectively in the 60's and 70's) Yes there is some silliness in the sexual relationship between Masden and Argento..but there's a realism in the surrounding silence and a sense of lost souls in a bleak and empty corporate world...something Syrianna also evoked quite well - a sense of the moral vacuum that business operates above.

    Be deeply suspicious of the intelligence and taste of reviewers who diss this film, it has a lot of original and interesting things to offer - Argento in particular is brilliant in the main role.