• Warning: Spoilers
    I loved the three part of the pilot. The show united some of the great heroes of DC together. All the characters are lovable and seem to have great chemistry, the story lines are very 'grown-up' especially for a children's show. What amazes me is that even though this is a kids show it can easily attract older fans like me, who when this show was running was in his mid teens.

    The coupling between, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl is quite sweet while Batman and Wonderwoman's love life is hilarious to watch. But it is Flash that takes the cake, Michael Rosenbaum who plays Lex Luthor on Smallville adds the great comedy relief that is needed in a kids show; the animations are beautiful to watch and the fight scenes between villains and superheroes are brilliant.

    My personal favourite episode is 'The Greatest story never told' it focuses on Booster Gold, a superhero who is ignored and always sidelined by the other superheroes. But during a invasion, he meets a female scientist who needs help and so Booster Gold tries to help realising in the process he is nothing but a wannabe and eventually saves the day. And gets a date.I mean even Superman and Batman couldn't do that. Watching this cartoon is like watching a movie, the suspense is brilliant and the fight scenes are well worth the wait.

    One of the best cartoons from DC since Batman the animated series.