• For the first time in a long time, they have managed to make a spoof movie that works! If you have seen Epic Movie, Date Movie, Pledge This and the other major disappointments of the last couple of years, do not worry! The film you have been looking for is here! With superbly executed parody, intelligent observational humour, and the actors (barr Nielson) playing it straight; Superhero works on just about all levels. It even works as a film in its own right!

    With the major narrative being based on the Spiderman Movie, this film incorporates touches from other such features, but not as badly as Robin Hood Men In tights did: they are integrated with aplomb and subtlety. The added touches (reminiscent of the Naked Gun movies) with celebrity look-alikes being hurt is amusing; but the major laughs are in the SM spoofing. I will not mention individual scenes, as they work best when not telegraphed or looked for; but you will see them, recognise them, and probably wet yourself because of them. :P Very enjoyable. Watch, laugh and watch again