• ahhhh to be young again and in the fourth grade. less work. more fun. imagination. freedom. exaggerated places where people belong on the school ground. wild kindergardeners.

    this show is a really great watch. the characters are unique and have strong personalities. and not just the main characters like T.J, Vince, Gretchin, Spinelli, Mikey and Gus. but others like the Diggers, the Ashleys, Tubby, Wenlow, Randall, King Bob, and even some of the teachers themselves like Ms. Finster and Ms. Grotkey and even the principal himself: Principal Prickly.

    this show has a great collaboration of characters and even if some of the stories seem exaggerated (hey thats what younger school life was like) you can actually relate to these characters. and a lot of the episodes have quite a deep story to them as well. as soon as i find these cartoons on DVD i definitely am buying them.