• What if on the day, you went out for a family picnic the world fell apart.

    This is as absurd, anarchistic, and pretentiously french as you can possibly imagine, and then a little more so. From the pornographic opening, to I think ,one of, if not, the single longest take in film history (around 15 minutes stuck in traffic, surrounded by bodies and wreckage), the oddest musical montage ever, and the cannibalistic Moaists, it's no wonder that at several points the characters complain aloud that they "wish we were in a less ridiculous film".

    This is made at the height of Godard's 60's anti-everything period, and it shows a smidgen...radical left wing politics, literary and philosophical theory, post-modern jokes, and sheer shock cinema, ebb up constantly to convolute an otherwise simple story of French couple trying to take a weekend drive through the country.

    Fans of "The Holy Mountain", Takashi Miike, Monty Python, and Luis Bunuel, will enjoy Godard here at his most unhinged and unleashed. It's every bit as witty and intellectually vigorous as anything Godard has created it's just that now all of those ideas which had simmered under the surface have erupted in mass volcanoes. Agitating, difficult, and annoying, yes, but it works on in spite of it, because each scene is utterly different from the last. Singular and well done, something different, from the master of something different.