• As a Filmation fan, when I first saw this, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. A second look however, and I found that this is actually a reasonably decent sequel.

    First off, if you watch this expecting Disney, don't. The animation is far from great, but it does have its moments. The chase scene where Maliss, the dragon abducts the Prince is quite good, including a few humorous bits with Scowl crashing into first a tree, then Maliss himself. The Mother Nature's garden scene is nice too, including the one standout song in the film, sung by Phyllis Diller. There are others. The animation is consistent, and at times, quite good.

    If you are looking for GREAT animation from Filmation, you are better off seeking out the likes of Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All, Bravestarr: The Legend, and Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night.

    The voice cast for the most part are superb, although I agree with some of the others here that Irene Cara seems a bit flat as Snow White. She is passable, at best.

    All in all, if you go in expecting a fairly low-budget animated film, you might be surprised. No great shakes, but worth a look.