• Warning: Spoilers
    Sanctuary had a good premise to make it different. Unfortunately, step by step, ideas including Jack the Ripper, Merlin, immortality etc. got in and mess the show. Why choose old, reused for a hundred time stories, despite the show target - subspecies of humans ? In the same time the house look more like a prison to me, a combination of 1870 „HIGH TECH" with nowadays technology. The good doctor and his daughter use bullets and guns as main weapons against enemies who attack one by one (?), except some scenes design to show their prowess in hand to hand combat. The scenery is a obviously hint to doctor Frankestein novel, but they put a lot of work in making the environment believable. Still, there is no info about the subspecies living conditions, cause of mutations, personalities, etc. The man with two heads, the lizard or the mermaid are just background to the main cast. Make them count !