• Knowing that Unforgiven made it to the top 250 movies of all time is something that left me intrigued and made me restless for quite a time until i got hold of a DVD copy of it.

    But after seeing it, I began to be baffled by the actual ranking this film got. Surely, this film is decent if you want something that prioritizes triumph over anything else. Seeing Clint Eastwood take on several Bad (good) guys unscathed is quite a relief after seeing what these bad (good) guys did to his friend.

    But let us set the triumph catharsis aside and tackle each of the issues I am dying to address.

    1. Direction. Bad. Just plain bad.

    2. Cinematogrpahy. Average

    3.Story/Plot. Clichéd average

    4. Dialogs. Poor. Not the ones that you would usually expect as natural. quite political, romanticized, exaggerated. Just not so natural. too deep for even the most usual of conversations. totally out of place.

    5. Acting. Good but awkwardly turns bad because of poor dialogs. The actors just couldn't reconcile how to act good with ridiculous dialogs.

    overall, this movie is way overrated. i could not say that it was bad during its time or that it has seen better days. but i can surely say that it is not as good as a film or a western in this time.

    I shelled out about 20 bucks, and though it pains me to reconsider it, i somehow regret having bought this DVD