• For me Red Dwarf was an enigma. I saw some of the episodes aired on a public TV station and then nothing for years. NETFLIX membership allowed me to watch _all_ of them, from the start, and at my leisure. Wonderful ... until series 7 - it hit the fan and stayed there all gooey and smelly.

    I had to do some research b/c I knew something went wrong on the creative side of the show. Rob Grant and Doug Naylor (thus the nom de plume: Grant Naylor) wrote the first 6 series and then split up. The show took an obvious turn which was not to my liking at all.

    First of all we had 4 buds who, despite their incessant irritating and obvious issues, got along with each other. No matter what trouble they got in they were always there for each other - through thick and thin. It was a wonderful ride following these guys get in and out of trouble. The first 6 series are just such a wonderful pleasure that I felt I knew them. It was clearly a 10/10 performance.

    After that the show was quirky in a bad way and annoying to watch. The thrill, adventure and pure fun was gone. Beyond that these series aren't worth mentioning.

    So for me the Red Dwarf is stuck in Series 6, floating in space 3,000,000 years in the future and maybe, just maybe, one day, I might run into them.

    A bientôt mon amis.



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