• Two hardened cons try and break out of the can to get revenge on an unfaithful wife.

    I always say that when you have solid pros at work you almost don't need a script. Whoever wrote this (two people actually) had to have employed a pencil and the back of a cigarette packet, because it was unworthy of A4 paper and a typewriter. Talk about clichés and stock situations. For example, are gun sellers so stupid in real life?

    I digress. Reed has a set of shoulders and deep set set staring eyes that frighten people. Even at his peak Sean Connery looked like if he did, really, hit a villain they would hardly notice, but Oliver Reed is a different kettle of fish. Maybe he was acting mad-and-bad rather than being mad-and-bad, but can you tell the difference? Ian McShane has never acted in his life. Always plays himself. People like him in a wouldn't-have-in-my-house kind of way. Streetwise, but totally unschooled. Given he is pointing the gun in the poster I suppose he is supposed to be the star! No idea why he would go on someone else's crusade though.

    The problem with contemplation of this piece is that any thought makes the film seem worse than it is. It is - at the end of the day - watchable. Hiding from people in movies is like trying to walk on water in real life - you are bound to fail so why bother even trying? This movie wouldn't get made today unless it featured comedy actors going over the top and wisecracking over other people's grave.

    At least in the 1970's cold blooded murder wasn't seen as a joke.