• Warning: Spoilers
    Cinematographers have loved trains since their very beginning (in 1896, L'arrivée d'un train à La Ciotat.. 1903, The Great Train Robbery, ...) I love movies, I love trains, so I'm of course very fond of movies that feature trains prominently: Keaton's General, La bête humaine, Murder on the Orient Express, Silver Streak, Under Siege 2, Train de vie, and a number of lesser ones.

    Narrow Margin is a nice addition to this collection. It presents views of West Canadian railroading, in good style, even though it doesn't offer spectacular stunts, like people or vehicles falling from high bridges, or crashing into some Union Station :^) The classic elements of running on cars' roofs, ducking before tunnels are included though. An off-train prelude builds up the situation, just to put all major players on the train, into the claustrophobic atmosphere, contrasted with wide landscape shots.

    Of course there's more plot etc., and nice details, like the water-pistol and the (too) tall bad lady. Nothing spectacular, but a pleasing experience all in all.