• This is the usual romantic sorta comedy for the average romantic movie watcher. Performance is decent, Milla is above the rest, but the highly predictable and weak script isn't really challenging anybody. The twists and turns are hardly surprising. The corniness of the dialogs on the other side were quite hurtful once in a while and especially in the reconciling finish. The turnaround of David Krumholtz felt sudden and forced. I mean as cute as Denise Richards is, the "bitchy"-girls-attitude was written a little thick even for the average Hollywood-taste, still it took one question to make Charly "I'm so in love with you" reconsider and see the world in clear eyes? Is it just me or has anybody a sudden appetite for cheeeeese?! But maybe i'm expecting too much, all in all this flick is quite a shallow matter and probably especially appealing to women who sympathize with the latter two words in the title. I for myself had a hard time to see the male protagonist as something else than a humorless, annoying bore. But again, don't blame the actor, blame the script. It's really bad.