• Warning: Spoilers
    I won't harp on too much but the scripting needs a lot of work to make this stand the tests of time. There are annoying sequences where a DEADLY boss "who will kill them all" talks at length at gun point...when, really, our hero should of just of pulled the trigger and been done with him. What this does is contradict the premise of the show - that these are a group of hotshot experts catching monsters and that they know how to deal with them. US obsession with the English accent also does this no favours as it makes it a little to much of a production island, when we in the UK for example just see it as bland US air-filler.

    The annoying daughter character is hard to care about, some of the monsters are just silly and there are weak computer graphics throughout - especially on the mermaid. This is a pass - Im afraid. Duff Buffy meets medicine woman.