• Warning: Spoilers

    I thought the first year of Torchwood was the worst thing. And this... wow. I figured, (or hoped, rather) being that it's from a few of the fellows who did Stargate, and with Amanda Tapping (who is adorable) that this might actually have some promise. Martin Wood is one of the best directors SG1 ever had.

    So I've never seen this show.. the first episode they've sent over here to the UK is the 3rd episode of the second series, unless I've missed something. They're advertising this as "first chance to see the sci-fi show..." and I'm just gob-smacked trying to figure out how this show could have made more than one episode.

    Like I said, I really like Amanda Tapping. She's so funny and so clever, I really do enjoy her. But... considering the fact that she was born in England and probably still has enough family she's got good access to an accent if necessary, her accent is quite terrible. Even if I'd never heard or seen Amanda with her Canadian accent, I'd know in an instant after a half a sentence that she was faking an accent.

    I wish that were my only complaint.

    What's more over, they have irritated me by continually referring to the 17 and 1800's as "the Middle Ages." That's kind of a bad start. I'm willing to overlook something like that provided that the rest of the show makes up for it.

    I'm sad to say this is worse than Torchwood series 1. Now I watch Torchwood -- I don't understand why, myself -- but the first series was dreadful. The second series, whilst passable, still cannot delude me into thinking this is a quality show. We all have that one ridiculous show we watch and can't figure out why. It's like junk food TV. You don't expect much, so you can't be disappointed. So if this is worse then that it's very sad. What saves Torchwood is the camp smile of John Barrowman, and above all the ability to laugh at itself very occasionally. It's what saves Doctor Who, a series which is, regrettably, very often terrible in script, from being intolerable and making it delightful. It's like the main characters are laughing at how ridiculous the story is -- making it OK for you to do so as well and just sit back and enjoy it.

    Without someone with the charisma of Barrowman to carry a show like this, this show just reminds me of how terrible sci-fi can be.

    The premise is very clearly ripped off of Torchwood. The aliens are remarkably similar to the weevils on Torchwood. The acting is WORSE than Torchwood, and the writing, if possible, is even more elementary. The acting/writing/directing/special effects are about level in quality as those on the movie Idiocracy - without the intentional mediocrity and without the social statement.

    I really like Amanda and was hoping this would be worth watching.

    Unless something severe changes on this show? Don't waste your time.