• This is one of those great old movies that is worth a repeat viewing every now and again in a person's life.Be that as it may, the story that is told here is every bit as important and thought provoking.Throughout the film there is a spot-on wisdom about man and his endless quest for justice.

    I came away from this movie feeling secure in my belief that in life you just can't have it all, but a true patriot can.Since this movie was largely about "North Indians (literally speaking Yadavs, it must have made quite an impression on audiences back who share the same last name and hail from the north India).I'm sure more than a few viewers still have painful memories of catastrophic losses caused by the recent feuds and the aftermath that followed.

    That's why I think this movie qualifies for repeat viewings, because just think how appropriate this wisdom is for our current generation of people "Fortunes come and go, gold is often times nothing but dust in the wind, but life goes on and so man must go on. That's what this movie says to me whenever I see it."