• Warning: Spoilers
    I have not laughed so much for a long time! From the start to the end it is just full of outrageously funny gags that will have you laughing out loud but only if you like spoof films! A masterstroke was to bring in the king of spoofs Steve Martin as the grandfather. This has everything in it from straight spoof humour to the now usual toilet gags and the one in this film where Rick Riker is on the ceiling of the bathroom in his Grandmother's flat on Thanksgiven Day in his costume is as funny as it is excruciating! Just before that scene you see his grandmother stuffing the turkey that is absolutely ginormous and clearly far too big big for the oven but it still ends up being cooked and carved) with a whole manor of things including a live cat! This is a MUST-SEE film for lovers of spoofs everywhere!