• Warning: Spoilers
    'The World Unseen' is a beautiful film. The issues it deals with can be seen to be controversial through a modern audiences eyes. Racial and gay issues seem to be handled with a strict fist these days, but 'TWU' tip-toes elegantly around these contentious matters making the segregation between races and the circumstance of being gay come across as simply outrageous and unacceptable by todays standards. People should not and should never have had to live in fear. 'TWU' contains great cinematography and the acting (notably from the two beautiful lead roles Sheetal Sheth and Lisa Ray) is second to none. They obviously received heart felt direction from Shamim Sarif and this heart felt dedication shines through, throughout the movie. The ending seems rather unresolved but we all have imaginations and thats half the fun. We can decide for ourselves what happens to the characters Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth portray (among others) in this magnificent thought provoking drama. 'TWU' makes us feel thankful that the world it depicts is a thing of the past, and long let it stay that way.